What is the schedule of lessons?

The course is entirely self paced, composed primarily of pre-recorded lessons that are accessible online anytime which you can take within the course portal.

Only time considerations for this course is for joining the optional live monthly mentoring calls with Kyle and the weekly live office hours with the mentors which is the avenue for you to ask your questions or request for personal guidance. We have 6-8 small-group mentor led office hours available each week. the schedule is dependent on the mentors availability, but are often spread out in terms of timing Monday-Saturday. These sessions are also all recorded, and accessible for viewing later on.

We also have live technical skills workshop sessions which you can optionally attend each month. These are often hosted on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The schedule may vary depending on the capacity and availability of the mentor hosting it, but we always announce the schedule and opportunities to join these live calls.

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