Does the course teach all the technical skills needed for Data Science?

Yes, absolutely. Here is breakdown of how we guide you to learn the technical skills:

First, we teach you how to think like a data scientist, frame problems, and approach solving them so that you understand what skills you need to learn and why

Second, we walk you through 5 example projects and explain what we've done from start to finish in each of them with video walkthroughs so you can see a preview of what your work should look like

Third, we give you specific roadmaps to develop the exact skills that you need to become: a junior data scientist, senior data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, or ML engineer.  We include structured, step-by-step guides using all best resources that include both a combination of our instruction and vetted, curated resources from other instructors. We also include resources to learn additional advanced topics for you to optionally study

Fourth, we deep dive on specific algorithms and skills with hour-long technical workshops so that you can learn, work through our examples, and ask questions live (or at your own convenience later with our recordings)

Fifth, we answer your questions on Slack and during our live Office Hours to make sure that you’re developing the skills correctly and have a complete understanding of the concepts

Sixth, we help you apply what you’ve learned by guiding you in building projects that you'll include in your portfolio using real datasets to solve real business problems

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